Volunteer Stephanie Ryan

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to visit IAA (Into Abba’s Arms) and be a part of their family, even if just for a few short days. Watching how the children are so well loved and raised up by all the staff and mammas will bless your heart. One of my favorite moments this year was watching one of the 5 year olds who has been at IAA for a little over a year, take a new child, who had only been at IAA for about a week, and lead him around. He would make sure he knew when dinner was, when it was time to play, and when it was time to go inside. He made himself that little guy’s buddy, and he was only 5. Children leading children, is at the heartbeat of IAA, because all the children are so loved, they love new kids who arrive so well. One of my favorite moments this year was on a Sunday. Last year when I came to IAA, Jacob asked if we could match when we attended church, he said he had the perfect shirt to match my dress. That Sunday, he came out, and we both matched in plaid. This year, upon arrival, he remembered and said, I’m going to wear my same shirt, will you wear something that matches. It was so sweet to see his heart and remembering that Sunday last year. So this Sunday, we again matched, both in red. Jacob has such a sweet heart, such a sweet story, and is a blessing to everyone he meets. He will do mighty things in the Kingdom of God.