Volunteer Falyn Fletcher

My first visit to IAA was one that I will treasure forever. The moms that work there were so kind and welcoming. In the mornings we were able to visit the school that the children at IAA attend and share in their classes. We introduced them to some fun facts about Texas and shared about the Armor of God. The kids absolutely loved putting on pieces of armor and memorizing the Bible verse. They were very energetic and interested in what we were teaching, especially the kids from IAA who were familiar with us. We would spend the rest of school hours back at IAA playing with the toddlers and helping the moms with various tasks around the property, such as painting the kitchen. I loved drawing with the toddlers and playing on the playground with them. When the older kids returned home from school we would help them with chores, homework, play games with them, and participate in their worship song and dance time.

One of my favorite moments took place on the day that we organized a “field day” for all of the kids at IAA. We played lots of outdoor games on Saturday and spent the day outdoors. On the day that we initially arrived at IAA, seven new toddlers arrived and were malnourished and scared. Over the course of the week they warmed up to their surroundings and began eating and receiving proper care. One of the toddlers in particular followed me around during the field day and although she did not understand or speak any English, she loved to sing. I sang “Jesus Loves Me” to her a few times and she very quickly picked it up and began singing it on her own. Even though she did not really understand what she was singing, it was truly incredible to witness her joy when singing about Jesus.