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Our Ministry is Creating a Family, Providing a Spiritual Foundation, and Giving Hope to orphaned children in Kenya

Children in Need of a Sponsor


About Claire

Claire seems shy at first, but is quick to warm up and make new friends. She is smart and enjoys learning new things. Claire is very imaginative, and loves to play with her dolls and pretending to cook.


About Sue

Sue is 7 years old. She lives life to the fullest! Sue is joyful, and even does her daily chores with a smile on her face. She loves to make others laugh with her silly faces. Sue enjoys playing outside blowing bubbles and riding bikes.


About Susan

Susan is 16 years old. She is responsible and organized. Susan is a great helper, especially in the kitchen where she loves to cook and try new foods. She dreams of being a journalist when she grows up. Susan made a decision for Christ and was baptized in the summer of 2019.


About Moses

Moses is caring and kind. He is always willing to help wherever he is needed. Moses recently graduated high school and started studying at Nairobi University. He plans to pursue a career in accounting upon completing his college education.

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Give an Orphaned Child Hope

For as little as $50 a month you can make an impact in the life of an orphaned child by providing housing, food and clothing, life’s crucial necessities.