Anthony and Chandra

Anthony and Chandra are both from Montgomery, Texas. They currently serve as full-time missionaries at Into Abba’s Arms in Kenya. With combined backgrounds in management, children’s ministry, social work, foster care and real estate/self-employment, they devote their experience and time to live alongside the children and staff at IAA. Several years prior to their commitment to IAA, Anthony and Chandra experienced God’s preparation in them to do something different than their careers at the time. They were unsure of where God was leading them but continued to follow His direction as things started to fall into place landing them in Kenya. Looking back, it is clear to see that God was preparing them for moving oversees and working with children full-time.

Anthony and Chandra have always had a passion for advocating, caring for, and positively impacting children. They have volunteered for other organizations and ministries in the past. In their spare time they enjoy the great outdoors, camping, and spending time with family and friends.

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