Francis’s Story

I am 24 years old and from the Kikuyu tribe, one of 42 in Kenya. I am the fifth of six children. Before I came to Into Abba’s Arm, I lived with my mother who was often sick. She did not have an education and sold alcohol from our home to earn income. This brought a lot of violence into our home. We lived in a slum and had no water, and because there were six children, we never had enough food. Growing up I didn’t have shoes and wore my clothing until there were no more threads. I never attended school.

When I was seven, my mother’s health deteriorated, and she became bed-ridden. I remember one day she called me in to give me an orange and I felt guilty taking it because she was so sick. Soon after she went to the hospital where she passed away. My grandmother brought my brother and I to a rescue center. Someone from Into Abba’s Arms came to the rescue center to pick up children and my brother and I were among them.

This was a new place. A safe place where I was given a bed and clothing and medical care. For the first time, I went to school. Coming to Into Abba’s Arms removed a lot of fear for me. We were taught about the Lord, we were safe, and we were given many opportunities. Into Abba’s Arms has been a place of hope for me, providing all the things my family could not. I feel like they saved my life. Without them, I would have walked in a life of drugs and despair. Today I have hope for eternity and am pursuing an education in the US.

I am very grateful to all the people who have given to and served at IAA to make this life possible for me.