Our Ministry is Creating a Family, Providing a Spiritual Foundation, and Giving Hope to orphaned children in Kenya

Thinking about sponsoring a child, but still have a few questions? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to child sponsorship. Take a look, and if the question you have in mind isn’t listed here send us an email at info@intoabbasarms.org. We would love to answer any questions you may have!

The total expense for supporting and providing for a child through post-secondary education is approximately $200 a month. This covers all the child’s basic living expenses (food, clothing, medical), education expenses, and infrastructure expenses (housing, staff salaries, etc.).

Sponsors can decide to support a child at any portion of the monthly expense from $40 to the full $200. This means that our children can have anywhere between 1 to 5 sponsors.

Since not all children have sponsors or receive something from their sponsors, we ask that you refrain from sending gifts directly to your sponsor child. The best way to give a gift to your sponsor child is by donating towards our birthday or Christmas fund. All donations given towards these funds go into a “kitty” ensuring that each child will receive gifts on these days. Donations towards the birthday and Christmas funds are completely voluntary.

You can expect to receive quarterly updates on your child throughout the year. These updates often include a brief description of what is happening on-site and a picture, note, or short video of your child.

Communication between sponsors and their sponsor child is always welcome! The best way for you to communicate with your sponsor child is by email. This method of communication ensures reliable and fast delivery. The children love to hear from their sponsors, and it is a great way for you, the sponsor, to offer encouragement and build a relationship with your sponsor child. You can send notes or short video messages to your sponsor child by emailing Jane at intoabbasarms@aol.com and she will make sure your sponsor child receives them.

Yes, Into Abba’s Arms loves to welcome visitors to our home! We encourage sponsors to come and meet their sponsor child, as this only helps to further strengthen the impact and relationship sponsors form with their child. If you have interest in planning a trip to visit your sponsor child, reach out to our team at info@intoabbasarms.org and let us know!