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Every time you support our organization, you give the gift of hope by introducing Kenya’s orphaned children to the love of Jesus Christ— the centerpiece of life and the cornerstone of everything we do at Into Abba’s Arms. You are also providing a nurturing home environment, food, clothing, and access to education. You get to play an integral role in raising self-sufficient, productive members of Kenyan society.

Thank you for choosing to give the gift of hope and for helping us raise the next generation for Christ in Kenya.

Change the Script

Without education, Kenya’s orphans have no access to resources or opportunities to choose a better life for themselves. Into Abba’s Arms is changing this script. Every child that comes to Into Abba’s Arms is given access to education, and is supported through college or technical school. This provides them with the opportunity to pursue dreams, and function as independent and productive Kenyan citizens. Their story can’t be rewritten without your help! This Giving Tuesday we are raising $10,000 to provide every child at Into Abba’s Arms with all they need to receive a quality education. The chart below shows how your donation can be used to directly impact a child at Into Abba’s Arms. Consider how you might change the script for Kenya’s orphans this Giving Tuesday on December 1st. Only TOGETHER can we change their story!

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