About Claire Claire seems shy at first, but is quick to warm up and make new friends. She is smart and enjoys learning new things. Claire is very imaginative, and loves to play with her dolls and pretending to cook. Sponsor Claire Sponsor Claire


About Sue Sue is 7 years old. She lives life to the fullest! Sue is joyful, and even does her daily chores with a smile on her face. She loves to make others laugh with her silly faces. Sue enjoys playing outside blowing bubbles and riding bikes. Sponsor Sue


About Susan Susan is 16 years old. She is responsible and organized. Susan is a great helper, especially in the kitchen where she loves to cook and try new foods. She dreams of being a journalist when she grows up. Susan made a decision for Christ and was baptized in the summer of 2019. Sponsor […]


About Moses Moses is caring and kind. He is always willing to help wherever he is needed. Moses recently graduated high school and started studying at Nairobi University. He plans to pursue a career in accounting upon completing his college education. Sponsor Moses


About Mikey Mikey is 4 years old. He is full of energy and is always trying his best to keep up with his older IAA siblings. He makes friends quickly and will take a seat in your lap if you welcome him. Mikey is rarely seen without a smile. Sponsor Mikey


About Joseph Joseph is an 11 year old who is helpful and hard working. He does well in school and loves to build things. Joseph is often found assisting with wood working projects on-site. He aspires to be an engineer when he grows up. Sponsor Joseph


About Martha Martha is 14 years old. She is a kind and sincere girl who excels both in the classroom and on the soccer field. Her favorite subject is science, and she has dreams of one day becoming an orthopedic doctor. In her free time, Martha loves to dance. She made a decision for Christ […]

Peter John

About Peter John Peter John is 16 years old. He is the strong, silent type. Peter John is a thinker and a “hands-on” young man who enjoys spending time working in the garden and helping with the livestock on site. He wants to grow up and be a pilot. Sponsor Peter John


About Jamal Jamal is five years old and was found abandoned in a hotel room in Dubai, because it was believed his mother was a Kenyan citizen, authorities in Dubai sent him back to Kenya where he was placed in the custody of a Nairobi children’s center. Jamal had trouble adjusting in Nairobi and the […]


About Margaret Margaret is 10 years old. She lives at IAA with her younger brother, Brian. Margaret enjoys school and hopes to grow up to be a teacher. Her favorite subjects are CRE (Christian Religious Education) and Math. Sponsor Margaret