Building Project

Our Ministry is Creating a Family, Providing a Spiritual Foundation, and Giving Hope to orphaned children in Kenya

Making Room for More

It is estimated that 700 children in Kenya are orphaned every day. In light of this current reality, we sensed God prompting us to expand our facilities to accommodate more children. With your help, we can expand our reach to children living with the tragic loss of both parents and introduce them to the loving arms of Abba Father!

At this point in our plan for expansion we have been able to complete two dorms, the illumination of the site, and the installation of a camera security system. We continue to move forward with our plan for expansion as we receive funding for each project. Due to the rising cost of building materials and increased inflation, our overall goal for finishing the entirety of this building project has changed. We are working on figuring new estimates and will state our updated goal soon.

Plan for Expansion

Construction for the Building Project officially launched in 2019 when we broke ground on our first new dorm– now called the Gifford House. Since then, we have continued to make progress one prayer, one brick at a time with the help of so many generous friends and supporters. In summary, the plan for expansion includes the construction of brand-new facilities as well as current site repairs and updates.


The Gifford House

The Gifford House was named in memory of a dear friend of the ministry, Doug Gifford. While the Gifford House was on track to reach completion in 2020, it was delayed due to obstacles being faced around the globe. Thankfully, by God’s grace and the continued generosity of supporters, the Gifford House was completed along with furnishings in 2021. This first dorm in our plan for expansion includes spacious living quarters for guests, a small kitchen, classrooms for studying and trainings, as well as office space for our on-site Administrator.

The Patterson House

The second dorm in our plan for expansion, the Patterson House, is named in dedication of the Patterson Family. Construction on this building began in 2021 and is now furnished and completed. The Patterson House provides additional housing space to accommodate more children.


Remaining Projects

Below are the projects we have left to complete in our plan for expansion.
Chapel Addition
Basketball Court
Staff Housing
Covered Pavilion
Site Entrance
Dorm 1 (Completed)
Dorm 2 (Completed)

Site Repairs and Updates

Structural Repairs of Existing Dorm

Water Tower and Tanks (COMPLETED)

Illumination of Site and Security System (COMPLETED)

Boiler System for Water

Medical Clinic Remodel

Our plan for expansion will also require

The furnishing of remaining buildings

Hiring additional staff to accommodate 140+ new children

Sponsors for each new child