We’re Making Progress!

In February of 2019, Banks Chisum, our director of site development, and a team of Kenyan builders broke ground on the first building in our plan for expansion. The building was finished ahead of schedule, and upon completion of this building program, Into Abba’s Arms will have the capacity to provide a home for approximately 200 children.

Banks Chisum and his team breaking ground on Dorm #1, February 2019.

Dorm #1: COMPLETED, December 2019.


Site Repairs
New Buildings

We hope to complete the building project in 2020. Total cost for the remainder of the building program is $314,500, which would include current site repairs($52,500), the new buildings ($227,000), and furnishings ($35,000), to progress as the funds come in.

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The Future of Into Abba’s Arms

Two years ago, God led us to begin plans to provide for more children. At the time, we had no idea the need would become so critical. The current crisis  facing Kenya’s orphans makes the need for new dorms and expanded facilities more urgent than ever.

Our plan for expansion includes the completion of current site repairs and building updates totaling $52,500 (see breakdown below):

  • Structural repair of existing dorm $11,500
  • Water tower and tanks $8,500
  • Illumination of site, security system $5,000
  • Boiler system for water $20,000
  • Medical clinic remodel $7,500

See additional building expansion costs below.

Dorm #1 $144,000

Dorm #1 Furnishings $15,000

Dorm #2 $140,000

Staff Housing $29,000

Chapel Addition $35,000

Covered Pavilion $4,000

Basketball Court $11,500

Site Entrance $7,500

Completion of this building plan will also require the following:

  • $35,000 to furnish the remaining buildings
  • Hiring staff to accommodate 140+ new children
  • Sponsors for each new child

1. Current Baby/Girls’ Dorm
2. Current Young Boys’ Dorm
3. Current Middle Boys’ Dorm
4. Current Dining Hall
5. Current Outdoor Kitchen

6. Current Laundry
7.Future Staff Housing
8.Future Pavilion
9.Current Chapel
10.Future Chapel Addition

11. Dorm #1 Completed
12. Future Dorm #2
13. Future Driveway/Site Access
14. Medical Clinic Remodel
15. Future Basketball Court

With your help, we can expand our reach to children living with the tragic loss of both parents. Together, we can build a refuge – a safe haven where these children will be loved and nurtured in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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