About Into Abba's Arms

Our Ministry is Creating a Family, Providing a Spiritual Foundation & Giving Hope for the Future to Orphan Children in Kenya.


It All Began With A Dream And A Trip To Kenya

Into Abba’s Arms was founded by Jane Gravis in 1998 following a dream she experienced about Africa and a subsequent trip to Kenya where she witnessed deplorable conditions facing Kenyan orphans.  It was pressed upon her heart to carry out the Lord’s call to provide orphans in Kenya with a loving family, a spiritual foundation and a future filled with the saving hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Into Abba's Arms FoundersNearly 20 years (and 68 children later) our organization continues to grow. Into Abba’s Arms has both an established US and a Kenyan Board of Directors with 2 staff members housed in the United States and 13 in Kenya. We continue to provide orphans with critical necessities including housing, food, clothing and a loving home with a nurturing caretaker and a family of nine other orphans.  Over the years, the faithful giving of our friends and volunteers has helped us establish an outreach center where we coordinate spiritual and educational seminars, medical clinics and food and water distribution to our neighbors.

Extending Our Reach

Today our ministry at Into Abba’s Arms reaches beyond the children’s homes to over 300 area residents.  Our organization is the sole provider of clean drinking water for our surrounding community. Children and staff grow their own food, and God abundantly provides beans, cabbage, corn, kale, and potatoes.  Overflow produce and donated clothing are distributed to adults and children in the community. Local residents can receive minor medical care, and we routinely host biblical and community education programs free of charge.

IAA Orphans Swinging

Utilizing God’s Gifts To Give Hope For A Promising Future

It is our heart’s desire to use the time, talents and resources that God has given us to bring honor and glory to His name.  In bringing glory to His name, we are giving hope for a promising tomorrow. We believe every child needs hope, and our organization is not only providing the vital necessities, but we are also providing education and vocational training that helps to develop independent, community-centric members of Kenyan society with a heart for Jesus.

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What We Believe

We believe in the authority and inerrancy of the Scriptures.  We believe in the Trinity, the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ and the spiritual brokenness of the human race.  We believe Jesus Christ is the only hope for a dying world, and salvation comes through Christ alone. We believe Christ sent the Holy Spirit to indwell all who profess faith in Him.  We believe God hears and answers prayer, and we believe in the physical return of Jesus Christ.

We understand that there is no changing other cultures so we have embraced that “The Change in Kenya starts from the inside out,” by beginning with a change of heart.


We provide a nurturing home environment with a caretaker parent and nine other orphan family members.

Our homes offer a safe haven allowing us to minister to each child’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

Our caretaker ratio is 1:10 as opposed to Kenya’s average 1:50.

Spiritual Foundation

Our organization serves as a hub for Christian ministry in the central highlands of Kenya.

We have an on-site chapel where we host Sunday School and Vacation Bible School programs for children in the community.

150+ community children attend services and community programs regularly.

Hope For The Future

Teachers educate on biblical principles, math, geography, science and the dangers of sex trafficking, and visiting educational teams provide free community programs on health, dental and first aid training.

The arts are introduced through the teaching of guitar and painting.

Post-secondary education fosters independency and develops productive Kenyan citizens.

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Give an Orphaned Child Hope

For as little as $50 a month you can make an impact in the life of an orphaned child by providing housing, food and clothing, life’s crucial necessities.

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