About Sponsorship

Our Ministry is Creating a Family, Providing a Spiritual Foundation, and Giving Hope to orphaned children in Kenya

Child Sponsorship at IAA

At Into Abba’s Arms nearly all our children are considered double orphans– meaning they have suffered the loss of both parents and are without family. Therefore, all our children live on-site, and we are 100% responsible for their care. Unlike other children’s homes, we also support our children through post-secondary education programs, by providing for them to be able to attend a college or technical-trade school following their high school graduation.

Sponsors can support a child for as little as $10 a week, however, the total expense for supporting and providing for a child through post-secondary education is approximately $200 a month. This covers all the child’s basic living expenses (food, clothing, medical), education expenses, and infrastructure expenses (housing, staff salaries, etc.). Sponsors can decide to support a child at any portion of the monthly expense from $40 to the full $200. This means that our children can have anywhere between 1 to 5 sponsors.

Change Starts with You

Kenya alone is home to 2-3 million orphans. They suffer from abandonment, disease, and violence leaving them without hope. Change for Kenya’s orphans starts with you! By choosing to become a child sponsor you act as the bridge between Kenya’s most vulnerable children and the vital services they need to thrive. Your monthly gift will mean the difference between a life of despair, and one filled with hope for a brighter future.

Sponsorship Creates Lasting Change

The support provided through child sponsorship creates an impact that affects future generations and helps break the cycles of poverty and malnutrition. Sponsorship provides children with the strong foundation needed to develop to their fullest potential, which in return contributes to the overall functioning of future families and societies.

What Does Sponsorship Offer a Child?


Education equips children with the skills and knowledge they need to one day function as productive and independent adults. As a sponsor, you can help provide a child with an education and champion them on towards achieving their dreams. Your monthly support ensures that each child at Into Abba’s Arms receives a post-secondary education preparing him/her for a promising and productive future.

A Safe Place to Call Home

Feeling secure is an important part of a child’s development, especially for children who are coming from situations of abandonment. Sponsoring a child at Into Abba’s Arms ensures that he or she will experience a safe place to call home.

Food & Clean Water

Provide a child in need with the food and clean water necessary to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Medical Care

According to research done by UNICEF, nearly 64,500 children in Kenya die before
reaching the age of 5. Your sponsorship of a child provides medical care and a
quality of life they would otherwise not have access to.

Love of a Family

Into Abba’s Arms provides a nurturing home environment with a 1:10 caretaker to child ratio. We desire for every child to know that they are loved and cared for, and as a sponsor you can speak those same messages over a child by inviting them into your family. Your support will introduce total orphans to the love of Jesus Christ – the centerpiece of life at Into Abba’s Arms and the cornerstone of everything we do.

Support Into Abba’s Arms

Give an Orphaned Child Hope

For as little as $10 a week, you can make an impact in the life of an orphaned child by providing housing, food and clothing, life’s crucial necessities.