Loving Orphans. Ministering to Communities. Serving Christ.

Loving Children

Into Abba’s Arms was founded in 1999 in response to the Lord’s call to help the homeless children of Kenya. Above all else, we seek to change the lives of orphans in Kenya by introducing them to the love of Jesus Christ. We strive to provide foundational spiritual training and discipleship for our children in a loving, home environment.

Ministering to Communities

The work of Into Abba’s Arms spreads far beyond the walls of our home. The faithful giving and work of our friends and volunteers has enabled us to extend God’s love to surrounding communities. We are rapidly becoming known as an outreach center coordinating spiritual training, educational seminars, medical clinics, and food and water distribution to our neighbors in the community.

Serving Christ

Everything we do at Into Abba’s Arms is born of our love for Jesus Christ and our gratitude for the sacrifice He made on our behalf. It is our deepest desire to use the time, talents, and resources He places in our hands to bring honor and glory to His name.

Into Abba’s Arms is a faith-based organization that acknowledges

  • the authority and inerrancy of scripture;
  • the Trinity;
  • the full deity and humanity of Christ;
  • the spiritual brokenness of the human race;
  • salvation by faith alone, in Christ alone;
  • Christ has sent the Holy Spirit to indwell all who profess faith in Him;
  • God hears and answers prayer, and
  • the physical return of Christ.